Extreme Boats is a family-run business, producing New Zealand's premier aluminium boats with a high quality finish to make sure your boat performs well and looks great.

From the outset we could see no benefit entering the trailer boat market without introducing a series of recreational boats with a major point of difference. All Extreme hulls are designed in-house.

Designed as a range of serious off-shore boats based on proven hull technology, all our boats feature the 'Deep Vee' hull. The boats boast fine entry for high-speed head sea performance, all while retaining a high chine with full shoulder for excellent sea-handling. Excellent stability at rest or full-throttle comes from a pair of very large aft chine flats. This also makes for an incredibly dry ride.

What does this mean to you, an Extreme Boats customer? You have complete peace of mind knowing your boat is going to be around for generations to come.

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